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Sheep Adoption
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Sheep Adoption
rent a sheep rent a sheep AdoptaFarm is an on-line cyber pet adoption agency for farm animals at Lochdhu Farm, and was the first adoption site for lambs and sheep. Call it adopt a sheep, adopt a lamb, rent a sheep or rent a lamb it is all the same.

Some people would say that this is the coolest web site in the world and we would of course agree, but it is not as cool as the people who surf in and adopt a lamb or adopt a sheep. The sheep adoption part of the site helps to keep the free sections of the site going for thousands of kids who come here every month to find out more about farming in Scotland.

Adopt a sheep, this really does make an interesting present for somebody you love.

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Sheep Adoption
rent a sheep rent a sheep Any person can adopt the lambs or sheep through this sheep adoption site by paying a small fee on-line through a secure transaction using a credit card. Membership lasts for one year. Monthly updated sets of photographs and short stories about your personal adoptee are placed in the members area of AdoptaFarm. Other stories about farming life and the workings at Lochdhu will be made available FREE throughout the year. You will be able to view and read about every aspect of working life at Lochdhu through the farming seasons. Lambs are adopted for a year, all the adopted lambs will be used for breeding so that you can adopt their offspring and follow their lives through subsequent years.

Click here for a sample lamb story and lamb photographs You can adopt-a-sheep for &#pound 10.99 on this site. Read stories about farm animals. Links to sheep racing sites.
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rent a lamb here click here to rent a sheep When you join AdoptaFarm you select an adoptee give it a name and receive a FREE SwapLamb, which you can also name. Your personalised lamb will retain it's name for the whole period of it's adoption. Your personalised SwapLamb can be fed and exercised at regular intervals and will take part in the SwapLamb League to determine which SwapLamb is being kept in top condition. Feeding and exercising your SwapLamb is FREE, there is absolutely no charge, and it is a lot of fun.

Click here to find out about SwapLambs See sheep photographs and lamb photographs. You won't hear people make sheep noises on this cool site just the real thing - Baa
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sheep adoption
rent a sheep rent a lamb Members will be able to contact other other SwapLamb owners through a FREE messaging system which is part of AdoptaFarm. The identity of the member is kept secret within the messaging system unless they wish to let others know.

As a member of AdoptaFarm you will be able to create a FREE personal gallery of photographs throughout the year which consists of photos of your adoptees and other photos which you can select and add yourself from the main Lamb Gallery. New photos are added to the main Lamb Gallery every few weeks and can be added to members personal Lamb Galleries. There are currently over 950 lamb and sheep related photographs in AdoptaFarm.

Click here to see the full Lamb photo Gallery See thousands of sheep photographs and baby sheep
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sheep photographs black sheep Lamb Postcards are provided FREE to get in touch with your friends across the web. You can send a Lamb Postcard now from any PC in the world. Try them they are a lot of fun.

Click here to go to Lamb Postcards Don't miss the thousands of baby sheep photographs and sheep games.
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adoption of sheep adoption of lambs If you want to learn about the original sleepy sheep and baby sheep then dont miss the best web site in the world.
To become a member of AdoptaFarm you simply click the Join Now button and adopt by clicking one of the lamb pictures displayed.

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